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Increase the productivity for mining exploration. Our software will provide you with all the tools and information needed for your field work, all in one hand.

All exploration tools in your hand

No need for printed maps, writing instruments, field books, sample books, compass, GPS, laptops, among others. In this way all the tools are available in one device which is configured to capture and associate all the parameters associated with the sample.

Work Preparation times-dramatically reduced

Less time is needed to prepare for a day of field work. All the needed information is already loaded in your device. .Geochemical and mapping and sampling is captured digitally, eliminating the task of having to digitize the data collected using analog systems.

Shortening distances

Synchronize all the information with any authorized user located in any part of the world. Either located in the field or in the office. If an internet or network connection is not available, you can work normally and synchronize the information once the connection is available. In this way communication problems are eliminated.

Errorless information

All the information concerning samples is validated, geo-referenced and coded in a discrete form simultaneously as it is collected, thus eliminating 95% of the incidence of errors occurring in the sampling process. Photographs can easily be assigned for each sample.

Data will never be lost again 

Define your own unified sampling design and share it with all the available devices of your property, then synchronize them with the cloud. You will never lose a sample again.

Reduction in training times

Sample description is performed within specific coding, by means of a worksheet with multiple options. All users describe the same parameters. In this way all users describe the same parameters. Thus all your work will available in the palm of your hand at all times, as all the information previously surveyed. You can automatically report all the data once the network connection is re-established.

Budget saving

A device that operates Field manager can cost up to three times less than our competitors.

Double productivity

Focus all your energy on you and your work and allow field manager to do the rest.

Automated decision making

With all the information digitized, standardized and synchronized, you can process and mine data of all the information in a constant and automatic way.

Geological expertise

Field Manager was developed by Engineers and Geologists, specifically for mining exploration work, providing support and solutions both in the computer and geological data collected.

Digital sampling

Field Manager has an exclusive system of intelligent geo-coding: Locate yourself in the sampling site, press a button and start answering the interactive survey about the type of sample, lithological description, alteration, mineralization, structure and more. Attach photos, comments, etc. When finished, the sample will be stored in the database and located on the map.

Digital mapping

Draw on the screen with your finger, capacitive pencil or following a route with the GPS on. Use the drawing tools, defining the color and type of point, line or polygon. Then attach information associated with each element of the map. Cut a polygon with another to define contacts. The geological map is ready in the field. Add control points and any other geo-localized information. Track all the journey made and synchronize it with other users.

Work with layers

Add, hide and reorganize as many layers of information as you wish, on the map, with a single touch. The layers can contain large GIS tables (Geochemical database, geological maps, mining cadastres, etc), Rasters (Geophysical and geological maps, etc), Map Imagery Services, Tracks, etc.

Sharing information

Sharing information with Field Manager Cloud Server is as easy as logging in with your user and automatically synchronizing information with your company's server. This product enables updating the database with your samples loaded and receiving updated information about your work plan. Field Manager can also import and export files from the main GIS of the market, thereby eliminating the need to migrate the current desktop systems.

Working full offline

Our software stores the tables in a powerful spatial database engine, allowing efficient storage, processing and rendering large amounts of information without having to be connected to the internet. You can also add references to your favorite aerial map server and synchronize to use offline. With the GNSS receiver of the device compatible with GPS and GLONASS, it does not require cellular signal to obtain the precise location (It works with the same precision as the best GPS navigators on the market).

One Button UI

With our exclusive UI design, you can re-organize your work area with a single touch of the finger. This allows you to see GIS data tables, the map with the GIS figures, the geometry editor and the layer manager on the same screen, without sacrificing visual space and clarity on the screen. Once you try it, you will not want to work without it.

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