The power of a desktop GIS in your mobile device

Take maximum advantage of your field campaigns by working fully digital in all the prospecting, exploration and logging tasks, without depending on paper maps, internet connection or laptop. With Field Manager you can analyze and process the data while working from your Android tablet or phone. Then all data can be exported in the more widely-used file formats.

Tablet con FieldManager

Why Field Manager?


Double productivity

Focus your energy on the work and let Field Manager do the rest, with a solid and functional product. Hundreds of users choose us for the user experience, intuitive interface and reliability.

Technical Aspects


Geological mapping is fully digital, with exclusive tools, hand drawing over a high resolution image, topography or just using the device GPS or external DGPS, avoiding the geo-referencing working on each station.

Use standard styles of your company to uniform the mapping carried out by different geologist teams and merge maps easily.

Logging under the company standards, codes and descriptions, avoiding the bias among different geologists. Field Manager includes multi-purpose built in tables, with the possibility to customize it to adapt to the company standards.

Avoid the typing errors, all the data is checked and standardized when acquired.



Save time by logging using a completely digital method. The acquired data can be uploaded immediately to the database. The graphic log is updated and visualized in real time.

When working on any device running Android 4.4 or higher, it is compatible with external GPS or DGPS, PXRF and drone (depending the model of external device).(Consult models).

It is compatible to import and export with the most commonly-used GIS file format, but not necessary to use a PC or laptop (tab, shp, sqlite, xls, kml, tiff, jpg, png, ecw, web map services and more).

All the Project data is available in the field, completely offline, easy to access, filtered, sorted and using thematic maps. Easily- downloaded high-resolution images can be used offline as a base map.


Some of the companies that rely in Field Manager